I just need 1 lesson…..

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Great Expectations
September 28, 2018
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I just need 1 lesson…..

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I hear it all the time, my driver is terrible,but my irons are ok. My driver is great but I can’t hit my irons. My short game is bad but, I can putt. So you know you have a problem and the PGA says take a lesson if you want to better your game! But can you really expect to see improvement after just 1 lesson?

So off you go with your hopes high of fixing your problems. You find an instructor and book the lesson (it’s most likely expensive) so you listen carefully and you write things down. You maybe even take a video the lesson, but the results are almost always the same – nothing changes. You continue to play with your friends,family or business associates. You play but nothing changes and you play terrible, your embarrassed and you’re finally done with this stupid game! Maybe you return to the game in a few weeks, months, or even years later and then the insanity begins again! Again, nothing has changed, your driver is terrible, your irons are horrific or your short game is nonexistent.

The question is why? All you want to do is to go have fun and play ok. So lets put golf into perspective so that you may understand. Let’s say want to learn to play the piano, guitar, or you want to learn a foreign language not to be perfect at it just to have fun. To learn anything it takes time, even just to learn the fundamentals and once you have a good foundation then at least you know what to practice. That’s half the battle because beating balls or winging it never works .
I’m just glad that the doctor, dentist, attorney or contractor didn’t have the same thought before starting their practice. The point is, you cannot take one golf lesson and call it all good – it’s literally impossible. And for those who insist on taking the one lesson approach and expect miracles are destined to be frustrated with their game. My advice for anyone who wants to enjoy golf is to invest a small amount of money and practice and only then will you see the changes you’re looking for and finally enjoy golfing. Happy golfing!

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