Armana Christianson hitting a one swing golf chip shot, because chipping is just a smaller version of your larger, full golf swing.
1 Swing Golf is really one-golf-swing!
August 9, 2016
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Why I Became a Golf Instructor

I work with all ages and levels of golfers, from just picking up a club for the first time to professionals.

I became a golf instructor for my kids, period . Let me explain. My hunt for the most qualified instructor was long and difficult.  The countless questions read like an interview: 1) How long had they been teaching 2) How much did they charge 3) What is your teaching philosophy, and the list went on . It’s like trying to find a mechanic,  unless you know about cars – good  luck !

Asking a Golf Instructor ‘Why?’

Golf instructor demonstrating the world class finish of the golf swing.So the question is what most students ask, WHY? Why do you stand like this ? Why are the hands there? Why is like the head, feet or hips like that? Are all swings different? The WHY questions to better understand the swing where endless . If the answer cannot be explained so that you (the student) can understand or if the instructor gets upset or even avoids answering the question at all –  they are not the golf instructor for you . If he tries to dazzle you with footwork, baffle you with bullshit, distract you with random stats, or high tech equipment – they are not the instructor for you . They must teach to you and not at you , create a learning process that is simplified clear and lastly maintain a quantifiable way of measuring and charting your progress – that’s the sign of a good instructor.


In conclusion spending money on a sport that can improve the enjoyment with friends and family for the rest of your life is a smart investment, being taken advantage of is not. This is why I became a golf instructor!

Rotary Swing certified golf instructor. Owner of 1 Swing Golf. Jack of all trades. Master of one.

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