1 Swing Golf is really one-golf-swing!

Why I Became a Golf Instructor
August 5, 2016
Armana Christianson using the 1 Swing Golf putting tips to improve her short game.
Putting Tips for Better Scoring
August 24, 2016
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1 Swing Golf is really one-golf-swing!

Armana Christianson hitting a one swing golf chip shot, because chipping is just a smaller version of your larger, full golf swing.

1 Swing Golf was created through my journey of intently studying the golf swing, understanding the role of anatomy and the utilization of biomechanics to teach others how to hit the golf ball with efficiency and precision each and every time.

While working for three years towards my RST certification, I poured through countless videos and books on golf swing biomechanics and eventually realized that one consistent stream of thought was materializing: that no matter the shot the swing is always the same . The golf club used might be different, the swing might be shorter or longer, the goal may be a cut or draw, and the shot may be a sand, chip or pitch, but the body, joints and rotation, if done correctly, will remain constant.

If you have issues with your driver they are also present in your wedges but the issues are not as visible because of the loft and groves of the shorter irons. Our objective at One Swing Golf is to perfect your golf swing so that with repetition it will be consistent. The reward will be lower scores and having more fun playing better golf!

Instructors Should Empower Students & Their Golf Swing

A large part of my teaching style includes observation. I was on the range the other day and happen to be in a stall next to a named “Top 100 golf instructor in America”, who was teaching a gentleman that looked like he was in his 60′ s (which isn’t bad because old guys can still learn – I am that age too). By watching him hit, The golf swing is the same whether you are putting or hitting a driver, it is all one golf swing.he clearly wasn’t getting ready for the Senior Open, but at  $175 an hour he should have been. Instead of connecting with him the instructor was explaining launch angles, spin ratio’s, and smash factors. The student was in a daze, but trying not to look stupid he just keep nodding his head. When he finished he moved to a stall on the other side of me and began practicing his golf swing. Between the unpleasant golf shots and verbal sewage his lesson obviously had been a waste of money. Great teachers have the information but also have the ability to pass it on to a student and not teach over their head.

For over 30 years I taught in an industry that was very similar, in fact, I worked with world champions. What I found on a regular basis was because they were great at what they did, it was almost impossible to relate to the  average student. The instructors cashed the checks, however the student was left thinking that they were incapable of learning. That why when I teach if the student is not completely satisfied they are not charged. They can also call or text me and I’m happy help – that’s the right thing to do! In my other teaching life, I trained other teachers and I believe that I understand teachers and the important relationship of connecting to their students. Please trust me when I say, if you can’t connect to a teacher they are not for you!

Rotary Swing certified golf instructor. Owner of 1 Swing Golf. Jack of all trades. Master of one.

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