My name is Buddy Christianson and I have been a longtime student of the golf swing beginning back to when my kids were little. The search for a golf instructor with a comprehensive plan for developing mine and my family's game was futile and beyond frustrating. The golf swing became an elusive endeavor and generally resulted in frustration and dollars wasted.

Then I discovered Rotary Swing, a golf instruction program based on facts rather than gimmicks, fads or guesswork. Over the last 3 years I have studied the Rotary Swing methods and theories primarily to help myself and my family achieve our most efficient swing potential. Our results were so amazing that I decided I wanted to help others achieve their swing potentials and became a Certified Rotary Swing Instructor.

"Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing."

- Ben Hogan
Blake Christianson of 1 Swing Golf


Say hello to Blake Christianson! He's a 1 Swing Golf Instructor Apprentice, and a Rotary Swing Trainee. Blake has been playing golf since the age of 5 and competing since he was 11. He began studying Rotary Swing 5 years ago because of its physical appeal and analytical approach to the golf swing. "One of the biggest reasons why I have chosen to rely only on Rotary Swing is because it is taught to put the least amount of stress on the body which in turn promotes the longevity of your golf game without injury." Blake has seen major advantages to his own golf game by employing the Rotary Swing method, and wants to teach others the same method and help them achieve advancements in their game.


After working and teaching in another industry for more than 30 years, I concluded that good golf instruction had to have certain elements in order to achieve success. These include, how to set goals for a logical path to learning, how the brain receives and processes information, and understanding the biomechanics of the human body. Through those elements we can accomplish several things: we meet our set goals, we understand the learning process and we do it without incurring pain.


All of the lessons that we teach will be pre-planned to accomplish the goals set forth during the initial evaluation lesson. Lessons will be designed in a simple yet constructive manner working on 3 main objectives so not to confuse or overwhelm the student. Lessons will be appropriately spaced to give students enough time to reinforce and practice the previous lessons' concepts so that future lessons are not spent reviewing old material. This stylized lesson planning allows for a concrete view of the student's progress and better goal attainment. Additionally, at the conclusion of each lesson the student will have the opportunity to sign-off that lesson to ensure complete satisfaction.



If you are ready to commit to a completely new way to learn and play golf we are now offering an Introductory Evaluation lesson for just $25 for all new students.