How's your golf game?

1 Swing Golf will help you achieve the results that you're looking for regardless of your age, experience or handicap.

  • Are you frustrated with your golf game?
  • Do you play with pain?
  • Is golf not fun anymore or would you like to compete at a higher level?


Our Options

We have several options at affordable prices to help our clients achieve the results they're looking for.

Our Great Students

We are constantly looking for feedback from our students, take a look at the incredible testimonials they have left about 1 Swing Golf.

"I was able to play golf today and maintain many things that Buddy and I talked about. I shot a 72 which is the lowest score I’ve ever shot at my home course. That includes one double bogey. Thanks for changing my game plan. See you next winter."
John H.

"I played Superstition Springs today in Mesa from 6700 yards first time I played since you gave me lessons I haven’t hit that ball consistently like that in 2 years. Shot a 78 I love the swing and the contact thanks again for all your help."

Bobby O.

Frequently asked questions

1How long do I need to take lessons for?
True learning, retention and execution varies from player to player depending on several factors. If you're looking to get the most of out lessons at 1 Swing Golf, you should be prepared to take at least 5-10 lessons.
2Do I need to bring my own clubs?
If you have your own clubs, definitely bring them in! If you don't have clubs then don't worry about it, we have options in the studio.
3Do you teach junior golfers?
We teach golfers of all skill levels and all age groups!
4I have some injuries, can we work around them?
The RST Method of teaching the golf swing will help to make sure that you are not injuring yourself by playing golf. If you're injured or have past injuries, just make sure to inform your instructor so they can keep those in mind.
5Where are you located?
We are currently located in a golf studio based on a private residence. It's full air conditioned, private, has a restroom, launch monitor and seating area. The address is 7997 E Sutton Dr., Scottsdale, Arizona 85260.