Buddy was so great! My boyfriend and I took a class together and it was so much fun! I’m a very new golfer and Buddy was very patient and answered all our… Read more “Angelena”


Buddy has worked with my

Buddy has worked with my girlfriend and I in couples lessons. Her being a beginner and me having golfed for 4 years and needing some improvements I couldn’t make on my own. Buddy from day one truly improved my mechanics, rebuilding my swing the way it is supposed to be.… Read more “Buddy has worked with my”

Andre W. and Diana L.

I’m a 29 handicap who

I’m a 29 handicap who has played for over 20 years – a “blah” record. I’ve never felt comfortable with my iron play because I didn’t understand how to swing the clubs, even after many golf lessons through the years. After 1 lesson with Buddy Christianson, I GET IT! Not… Read more “I’m a 29 handicap who”

Pam C.

Armana C.

Buddy and the RST Method have given me the tools to understand my swing and what I want it to do. I play professionally and I can’t speak high enough of Buddy and his amazing understanding of the golf… Read more “Armana C.”

Armana C.

I’ve been “playing” golf for

I’ve been “playing” golf for a dozen years, having a great time but stuck at an average game. After just two lessons with Buddy my confidence is at an all time high because I finally understand the relationship between my clubs and my body. Can’t wait for my next… Read more “I’ve been “playing” golf for”

Marilyn M

Ron L.

I have been playing golf for 40 years and I have been trying to improve for 40 years. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  I had gotten down to an 8 handicap at one time but I was never really happy with how I was hitting the ball.  So I looked for… Read more “Ron L.”

Ron L.

At age 67, I would

At age 67, I would seldom play 2 days in a row due to post round back pain and stiffness. After seeing Buddy for three lessons, I was able to play five days in a row, last week, with the final two rounds of 79 and 80. Rotary Swing principles… Read more “At age 67, I would”

Phoenix Golfer

Buddy Christianson is an amazing

Buddy Christianson is an amazing golf instructor! I just finished my 3rd lesson and have already learned more from him than any other instructor or friends who play golf. As a practicing physician, I’m knowledgeable about body mechanics and kinesiology which helps me understand the biomechanics of the golf swing.… Read more “Buddy Christianson is an amazing”

Dr. Mike K

Buddy knows his shit simple!Get

Buddy knows his shit simple! Get… Read more “Buddy knows his shit simple!Get”


J. K.

Buddy is the finest golf instructor I have ever worked with.  Even with your first lesson you will come away with hints to enhance your game. He is a knowledgeable, patient, teacher and will work with you until you master his 1 swing golf education system. If you really  want… Read more “J. K.”

J. K.

I have been taking golf

I have been taking golf lessons with Buddy for the last few months. Before seeing him I had never played golf before, although I had taken a few lessons with another Pro and I did not understand the sport at all after taking those lessons. With Buddy he answers all… Read more “I have been taking golf”

Miriam, R

Dylan H.

Awesome! Buddy is a very knowledgeable instructor and his lessons are very easy to follow. I was shocked in the difference of my game after just 1 lesson! My friends that I golf with demanded to know what I was doing when I showed up for my next tee… Read more “Dylan H.”

Dylan H.

Sheri R.

Buddy is awesome at what he does. He said very patient, kind and knowledgeable. Explains things extremely clear and concise. The best part was taking notes at the end of the lesson. I pull out my 3 x 5 card and review it every time I go to the driving… Read more “Sheri R.”

Sheri R.

Thanks for the help in getting me there!

Buddy, Thought I’d give you some thanks for last week’s work. I tied for first gross in the Senior Club Championship this weekend with one of my low round of the year, a 77 on a 9 handicap. Hit 11 fairways and 12 greens. Only twice in my life since… Read more “Thanks for the help in getting me there!”

Tom B

In two lessons, Buddy has

In two lessons, Buddy has me striking the ball better than I have in years. He does such a good job of explaining how to fix aspects of my swing in simple and easy to implement changes. I really like that he is not totally blowing up my swing and… Read more “In two lessons, Buddy has”

Mike Riggs

Amir M.

Working with Buddy was amazing! My wife and I took and couples lesson with him and within two hours he got her from not knowing how to hold a golf club to making consistent contact with her irons. Highly recommend working with… Read more “Amir M.”

Amir R.

Buddy went above and beyond

Buddy went above and beyond to help me in my beginning golf lesson. He makes the fundamentals of the golf swing easy to understand and Even helped me with an impromptu short game lesson days before a scramble golf tournament. If you’re a beginner like me, I would highly recommend… Read more “Buddy went above and beyond”

KT c.

Ladies! Contact Buddy and get

Ladies! Contact Buddy and get started asap! I can’t believe how much I have learned in such a short time. In just 2 lessons, I had the confidence to go to the driving range and have played a full round of golf with men. In each hour long session, I… Read more “Ladies! Contact Buddy and get”

Angela M

I just had a club

I just had a club fitting from Blake Christenson with 1SwingGolf. I recently was custom fit for new PXG clubs and bought the set from a local PXG store. Suffice it to say that I was shocked when I discovered that my new clubs were 3 degrees off the expected… Read more “I just had a club”

Jay B

Brad W.

Puts the fun and confidence back in golf with less effort – Buddy… Read more “Brad W.”

Brad W.

First, I like Buddy’s excitement

First, I like Buddy’s excitement about teaching. Very positive. Most importantly, however, he emphasizes a learning approach to golf. For anyone willing to learn and to practice this is the place. There were no dazzling quick fixes. Instead, for me Buddy did a full inventory of my swing, checking every… Read more “First, I like Buddy’s excitement”

Leo G

Been around the game for

Been around the game for 60 years …. Played from scratch to a 10 handicap …. Never had a lesson … Started having issues with irons and short game. Putting went to pot !! Buddy , with only a few adjustments, .In ten minutes fixed my putting issue with two… Read more “Been around the game for”


Game Changer

I was able to play golf today and maintain many things that Buddy and I talked about. I shot a 72 which is the lowest score I’ve ever shot at my home course. That includes one double bogey. Thanks for changing my game plan. See you next winter. John… Read more “Game Changer”

John H

I played golf on my

I played golf on my High School and college team 50 years ago when woods were actually made of wood. 50 years later, I suffered a shoulder injury and could not play golf for 14 months— shot 90-95 when I came back. Saw Buddy three times and have now shot… Read more “I played golf on my”

Jeff J

1 Swing Golf has….

I started with 1 Swing Golf a number of months ago and had no idea of what I was doing wrong while hitting golf balls or which club I should use. 1 Swing Golf has completely turned my stroke around. Buddy Christianson was patient, calm, positive and took the time… Read more “1 Swing Golf has….”

Linda B.

In a world full of

In a world full of fakes and gimmicks, Buddy’ s factual and no-nonsense approach is so welcome! I’ve learned more about the golf swing and the game of golf in a few short lessons than than I have in 30 years! My handicap is coming down in a hurry. Thanks… Read more “In a world full of”

Manny R

I have experienced two lessons

I have experienced two lessons with Buddy and I could not be happier. After undergoing a lengthy and expensive series of lessons with an indoor chain based program that uses sensors, with the hope that your movements align with metrics they have in store from professional golfers, I was hesitant… Read more “I have experienced two lessons”

Craig L.

I thought I knew about

I thought I knew about golf but come to find out I knew nothing about it. That’s where buddy came in I was a slicer. My ball was all over the course. My first lesson he took me from slicing the ball to straight or draw. Showed me the fundamentals… Read more “I thought I knew about”

Matthew E

Buddy has been awesome to

Buddy has been awesome to work with. He’s helped me transform my game in such a quick amount of time and it’s given me so much more confidence on the course. Shooting lower and lower each round and enjoying the game more and more. He does a great job of… Read more “Buddy has been awesome to”

Will G

My wife and I have

My wife and I have been working with Buddy for about 3 months. We are both improving considerably. My swing before Buddy had me hitting the ball off the course way too much. He has given me the tools to hit straighter and more consistently. He also worked with my… Read more “My wife and I have”

Tom O

My fiancé and I just

My fiancé and I just started taking golf lessons and we stumbled across One Swing Golf. We couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! Buddy has been so patient, clear, and breaks things down so that even beginners like us can make sense of golf. Within just a few lessons… Read more “My fiancé and I just”

Morgan L

Buddy is a fantastic teacher.

Buddy is a fantastic teacher. Very patient and he has the ability to tailor his instruction to the student’s needs. I never want to make excuses but after golfing for many years I was really struggling due to my Parkinson’s and the related dyskinesia I have on my right side.… Read more “Buddy is a fantastic teacher.”

David R

Buddy got a chance to hit 20 balls today. Half 7 iron, half driver. Some struggle–hitting the top 20% of the ball. When I focused on making sure I didn’t straighten my back leg it was excellent. Easily 10-15 yards extra with the driver.… Read more “”

Bill, C.

This morning I had a

This morning I had a swing evaluation with Buddy. ($45.00) I am an 85 year old male with many medical problems like shoulder injections, elbow surgery, finger problems, severe lower back arthritus etc. Well before the evualtion was over and with a few minor changes, Buddy had me hitting my… Read more “This morning I had a”

Pete P.

I have nothing but high

I have nothing but high praises to sing about Buddy. He has a very clear teaching style and relates it to experiences in your life. He has improved my consistency in striking the ball and in the process added nearly 50% more distance on my irons – truly shocking. The… Read more “I have nothing but high”

Liam F

Really appreciated the opportunity to

Really appreciated the opportunity to take a lesson with Buddy. I am an avid player who has worked very hard to improve – yet have struggled for years. Buddy’s insights were simplied and fundamentally based and I am excited to have achieved quick progress. It is refreshing to meet someone… Read more “Really appreciated the opportunity to”

Gary Z

Kristen M.

I was really nervous about taking a golf lesson. I’ve wanted to be able to golf with my boyfriend for a while, but have been worried I’d embarrass him. Buddy totally understood how intimidating it can be as a woman learning to golf. He was patient and great at explaining… Read more “Kristen M.”

Kristen M.

I have had the distinct

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Buddy since April 2019. I found Buddy by calling Rotary Golf and asking if they had a disciple in Phoenix and to my good fortune they without hesitation gave me his name and phone number. I am 68 years old, retired,… Read more “I have had the distinct”

Mario P M.D.

Kaiwen Y.

After getting one lesson from buddy, I can feel that my swing has gotten much more… Read more “Kaiwen Y.”

Kaiwen Y.

My game has improved….

Can’t say enough about 1 swing, Buddy’s lessons are easy to understand and apply, my game improved after the very first one, he has a unique ability to speak to you in terms that are easy to apply to your game. Very affordable, very informative, big improvement on how you… Read more “My game has improved….”

Robert B.

I am new to the

I am new to the sport of golf and wanted to get my swing off to a good start with lessons. I am so glad I found 1 Swing Golf to help me on my journey. Buddy is very patient and explains everything very thoroughly and in a way you… Read more “I am new to the”

Julie C.

Buddy’s understanding of the golf

Buddy’s understanding of the golf swing is amazing. I went to Buddy for help when my game suddenly went south and I was making things worse by trying to “fix” things myself. He showed great patience as we made some basic changes. Then everything came together all at once. The… Read more “Buddy’s understanding of the golf”

John G

Buddy is an excellent teacher/coach.

Buddy is an excellent teacher/coach. He breaks down the golf swing and goes through each part of it so you understand what’s going on and where each part of your body should be at. He explains why and answers any questions that you might have. He has single handed helped… Read more “Buddy is an excellent teacher/coach.”

Mike m

What can I say, Buddy

What can I say, Buddy is the real deal!!! I have played golf maybe 10 times total in my life and within one 60 minute lesson he was able to enlighten me on the biomechanics of my swing and slight variations to improve grip, posture, speed, contact and all around… Read more “What can I say, Buddy”

Neima T

My girlfriend & I both

My girlfriend & I both are taking lessons from Buddy!! Amazing, we wanted to hit longer drives!! Well the 1swing we r learning is working!!! Just getting back into golf again & it’s fun again!!! Buddy is so good with making it simple & fun!! He is the best but… Read more “My girlfriend & I both”

Lon M

Nathan M.

I was hitting an average of 120 before I had a lesson from Buddy. He was kind, professional, understanding, and explained everything in a way that made perfect sense, even if It took 3 tries. Two weeks later I just shot my first 82, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s… Read more “Nathan M.”

Nathan M.

The golf lessons with Buddy

The golf lessons with Buddy were a birthday present from my wife and I could not have asked for a better gift. We are learning golf scratch, and Buddy has set up an environment where we feel incredibly comfortable learning. We see progress every single time we meet and it… Read more “The golf lessons with Buddy”

Jonathan F

Charles F.

Buddy was great at finding my basic flaws. Let the healing begin! Cant wait for my next… Read more “Charles F.”

Charles F.

Emma R.

Buddy was great. He explained everything in a way that made it just click! My game improved a ton the next time I played just by using the techniques he taught me. I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer. I will definitely be taking a follow up… Read more “Emma R.”

Emma R.

One lesson from Buddy will

One lesson from Buddy will amaze you and open the universe on how the golf swing works. Gone will be the futile lessons from so called professionals who only take your money and do not teach you the why and how of the golf swing. I have spent my share… Read more “One lesson from Buddy will”

Les G

Bobby O.

I played Superstition Springs today in Mesa from 6700 yards first time I played since you gave me lessons I haven’t hit that ball consistently like that in 2 years. Shot a 78 I love the swing and the contact thanks again for all your… Read more “Bobby O.”

Bobby O.

I’ve been working with Buddy

I’ve been working with Buddy for about 5 months now and the things he’s done for my swing is absolutely incredible. I’ve gone from hitting super thick/chunky shots to hitting a nice crispy draw that I thought would never be possible and now it just comes naturally!! I came to… Read more “I’ve been working with Buddy”

Anthony, S

I was a self taught

I was a self taught golfer and worked to get my handicap to a six. I played as A six to nine handicap for a few years and then I caught the dreaded golf disease the shanks. I went to a thirty plus handicap. I tried every tip I could… Read more “I was a self taught”

Bob B

Buddy is a….

Buddy is a wonderful golf instructor. He is a great communicator and you can tell he truly loves teaching golf. He understands the golf swing and is very patient in his approach and style. He will observe your golf swing, show you the correct adjustments needed to help your swing… Read more “Buddy is a….”

Steven P.

I am 86 years old

I am 86 years old ( 2/3/33 ) I have played at golf without lessons during the ’60s, gave it up for tennis when my 12-year-old was hitting it further and straighter. I took it up again in 2006 when we moved to Denver. I have since spent hundreds of… Read more “I am 86 years old”

van g.

I’ve been taking lessons since

I’ve been taking lessons since July 2018. I’ve played golf for many years with never taking a lesson. Since Buddy has been my teacher, my game is turning into a much better game and experience for me. I was apprehensive to go to his house without knowing who he is… Read more “I’ve been taking lessons since”


Valerie F.

I am currently a 12 handicap and wanted to get my swing more consistent. My normal shot shape is a fade with my missing being way right. I told Buddy I would love to hit a draw. He told me he could do that. I have had been through swing… Read more “Valerie F.”

Valerie F.

I recently retired and wanted

I recently retired and wanted to start golfing again after 30 years without ever swinging a club. After 2 weeks of daily practice with little progress and more muscle soreness than I could live with, I decided to try an introductory lesson with Buddy. I just finished a second lesson… Read more “I recently retired and wanted”

Bill P

Bob C.

Until recently I have been a long-time, average golfer. But now I am very enthused by the terrific corrections to my swing that Buddy Christianson has made with the One Swing theory.   His approach of videotaping and having regular follow-up lessons separated by several weeks is a terrific way… Read more “Bob C.”

Bob C.

I would recommend Buddy for

I would recommend Buddy for golfers of all skill levels and experience. Buddy focuses on the swing mechanics and breaks down the various components of the swings; Often with metaphors that are memorable and easy to understand. His golf studio incorporates state of the art technology, which gives you an… Read more “I would recommend Buddy for”

Mike T.

Jim N.

I have worked with Buddy on a swing development program for the past eighteen months.  My handicap has dropped seven strokes.  If you are looking for a one session “fix my ______ golf issue”, I would look elsewhere. Buddy does not overwhelm you with technical swing detail.  He helps you… Read more “Jim N.”

Jim N.

Buddy is a phenomenal teacher

Buddy is a phenomenal teacher if you are looking to improve your game this is the place to do it. Buddy will put the swing into terms that you can understand and implement into your game. I went from not being scared of my long irons to hitting straighter and… Read more “Buddy is a phenomenal teacher”

Nicholas Y

Brian D.


Brian D.

If you want to know

If you want to know the “why” of things as you learn, look no further! Buddy is your man. Unlike the typical instructor, who presents a bandaid to fix your flaw, Buddy takes the time to a) see how your mind processes info and b) explain the reasoning behind the… Read more “If you want to know”

Adrien S

Thank u so much

Hi Buddy Just used the shortened driver and my drives were great.   Still working on swing but what you taught me about putting and driving lopped off at least 10 strokes today. Thank u so… Read more “Thank u so much”

Jordy K

Buddy is an incredible teacher,

Buddy is an incredible teacher, capable of tailoring the instruction to the needs of the student. I thought that my Parkinson’s and related dyskinesia was slowly going t1o put and end to my golfing. But after two lessons with buddy I am hitting the ball better than ever and am… Read more “Buddy is an incredible teacher,”

Dave R

I have worked with several

I have worked with several instructors over the past 25 years in addition to spending a great deal of time on the range. I carry an index of 5 and have a very high level of understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing. As a student of the game… Read more “I have worked with several”

Lloyd K