Armana C.

Buddy and the RST Method have given me the tools to understand my swing and what I want it to do. I play professionally and I… Read more “Armana C.”

Armana C.

Thank u so much

Hi Buddy Just used the shortened driver and my drives were great.   Still working on swing but what you taught me about putting and driving lopped… Read more “Thank u so much”

Jordy K

Been around the game for

Been around the game for 60 years …. Played from scratch to a 10 handicap …. Never had a lesson …
Started having issues with… Read more “Been around the game for”


The golf lessons with Buddy

The golf lessons with Buddy were a birthday present from my wife and I could not have asked for a better gift. We are learning golf… Read more “The golf lessons with Buddy”

Jonathan F

Buddy is a….

Buddy is a wonderful golf instructor. He is a great communicator and you can tell he truly loves teaching golf. He understands the golf swing and… Read more “Buddy is a….”

Steven P.

Buddy went above and beyond

Buddy went above and beyond to help me in my beginning golf lesson. He makes the fundamentals of the golf swing easy to understand and Even… Read more “Buddy went above and beyond”

KT c.

Game Changer

I was able to play golf today and maintain many things that Buddy and I talked about. I shot a 72 which is the lowest score… Read more “Game Changer”

John H

What can I say, Buddy

What can I say, Buddy is the real deal!!! I have played golf maybe 10 times total in my life and within one 60 minute lesson… Read more “What can I say, Buddy”

Neima T

1 Swing Golf has….

I started with 1 Swing Golf a number of months ago and had no idea of what I was doing wrong while hitting golf balls or… Read more “1 Swing Golf has….”

Linda B.

I have experienced two lessons

I have experienced two lessons with Buddy and I could not be happier. After undergoing a lengthy and expensive series of lessons with an indoor chain… Read more “I have experienced two lessons”

Craig L.

Brian D.


Brian D.

My girlfriend & I both

My girlfriend & I both are taking lessons from Buddy!! Amazing, we wanted to hit longer drives!! Well the 1swing we r learning is working!!! Just… Read more “My girlfriend & I both”

Lon M

Brad W.

Puts the fun and confidence back in golf with less effort – Buddy rocks.

Brad W.

I am 86 years old

I am 86 years old ( 2/3/33 ) I have played at golf without lessons during the ’60s, gave it up for tennis when my 12-year-old… Read more “I am 86 years old”

van g.

Buddy is an excellent teacher/coach.

Buddy is an excellent teacher/coach. He breaks down the golf swing and goes through each part of it so you understand what’s going on and where… Read more “Buddy is an excellent teacher/coach.”

Mike m

My wife and I have

My wife and I have been working with Buddy for about 3 months. We are both improving considerably. My swing before Buddy had me hitting the… Read more “My wife and I have”

Tom O

In a world full of

In a world full of fakes and gimmicks, Buddy’ s factual and no-nonsense approach is so welcome! I’ve learned more about the golf swing and the… Read more “In a world full of”

Manny R

I’m a 29 handicap who

I’m a 29 handicap who has played for over 20 years – a “blah” record. I’ve never felt comfortable with my iron play because I didn’t… Read more “I’m a 29 handicap who”

Pam C.

I’ve been “playing” golf for

I’ve been “playing” golf for a dozen years, having a great time but stuck at an average game. After just two lessons with Buddy my confidence… Read more “I’ve been “playing” golf for”

Marilyn M

Buddy has worked with my

Buddy has worked with my girlfriend and I in couples lessons. Her being a beginner and me having golfed for 4 years and needing some improvements… Read more “Buddy has worked with my”

Andre W. and Diana L.

I was a self taught

I was a self taught golfer and worked to get my handicap to a six. I played as A six to nine handicap for a few… Read more “I was a self taught”

Bob B

I have been taking golf

I have been taking golf lessons with Buddy for the last few months. Before seeing him I had never played golf before, although I had taken… Read more “I have been taking golf”

Miriam, R

Charles F.

Buddy was great at finding my basic flaws. Let the healing begin! Cant wait for my next lesson.

Charles F.

First, I like Buddy’s excitement

First, I like Buddy’s excitement about teaching. Very positive. Most importantly, however, he emphasizes a learning approach to golf. For anyone willing to learn and to… Read more “First, I like Buddy’s excitement”

Leo G

Buddy got a chance to hit 20 balls today. Half 7 iron, half driver. Some struggle–hitting the top 20% of the ball. When I focused on… Read more “”

Bill, C.

My fiancé and I just

My fiancé and I just started taking golf lessons and we stumbled across One Swing Golf. We couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! Buddy has… Read more “My fiancé and I just”

Morgan L

J. K.

Buddy is the finest golf instructor I have ever worked with.  Even with your first lesson you will come away with hints to enhance your game.Read more “J. K.”

J. K.

I’ve been taking lessons since

I’ve been taking lessons since July 2018. I’ve played golf for many years with never taking a lesson. Since Buddy has been my teacher, my game… Read more “I’ve been taking lessons since”


I have had the distinct

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Buddy since April 2019. I found Buddy by calling Rotary Golf and asking if they had a… Read more “I have had the distinct”

Mario P M.D.

Buddy Christianson is an amazing

Buddy Christianson is an amazing golf instructor! I just finished my 3rd lesson and have already learned more from him than any other instructor or friends… Read more “Buddy Christianson is an amazing”

Dr. Mike K

Kaiwen Y.

After getting one lesson from buddy, I can feel that my swing has gotten much more consistent.

Kaiwen Y.


Buddy was so great! My boyfriend and I took a class together and it was so much fun! I’m a very new golfer and Buddy was… Read more “Angelena”


Nathan M.

I was hitting an average of 120 before I had a lesson from Buddy. He was kind, professional, understanding, and explained everything in a way that… Read more “Nathan M.”

Nathan M.

My game has improved….

Can’t say enough about 1 swing, Buddy’s lessons are easy to understand and apply, my game improved after the very first one, he has a unique… Read more “My game has improved….”

Robert B.

Jim N.

I have worked with Buddy on a swing development program for the past eighteen months.  My handicap has dropped seven strokes.  If you are looking for… Read more “Jim N.”

Jim N.

I have worked with several

I have worked with several instructors over the past 25 years in addition to spending a great deal of time on the range. I carry an… Read more “I have worked with several”

Lloyd K

Amir M.

Working with Buddy was amazing! My wife and I took and couples lesson with him and within two hours he got her from not knowing how… Read more “Amir M.”

Amir R.

Sheri R.

Buddy is awesome at what he does. He said very patient, kind and knowledgeable. Explains things extremely clear and concise. The best part was taking notes… Read more “Sheri R.”

Sheri R.

Dylan H.

Awesome! Buddy is a very knowledgeable instructor and his lessons are very easy to follow. I was shocked in the difference of my game after just… Read more “Dylan H.”

Dylan H.

Ron L.

I have been playing golf for 40 years and I have been trying to improve for 40 years. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  I had gotten down… Read more “Ron L.”

Ron L.

Bobby O.

I played Superstition Springs today in Mesa from 6700 yards first time I played since you gave me lessons I haven’t hit that ball consistently like… Read more “Bobby O.”

Bobby O.

Emma R.

Buddy was great. He explained everything in a way that made it just click! My game improved a ton the next time I played just by… Read more “Emma R.”

Emma R.

Bob C.

Until recently I have been a long-time, average golfer. But now I am very enthused by the terrific corrections to my swing that Buddy Christianson has… Read more “Bob C.”

Bob C.

Thanks for the help in getting me there!

Buddy, Thought I’d give you some thanks for last week’s work. I tied for first gross in the Senior Club Championship this weekend with one of… Read more “Thanks for the help in getting me there!”

Tom B

Valerie F.

I am currently a 12 handicap and wanted to get my swing more consistent. My normal shot shape is a fade with my missing being way… Read more “Valerie F.”

Valerie F.

Kristen M.

I was really nervous about taking a golf lesson. I’ve wanted to be able to golf with my boyfriend for a while, but have been worried… Read more “Kristen M.”

Kristen M.