1 Swing Golf Instructors are RST Certified

What is Rotary Swing?
Rotary Swing was created in 2004 by Chuck Quinton as an answer to other instructional methods that had failed so many golfers. Through his thousands of hours of research and continuous instruction of all levels of golfers, Chuck developed a comprehensive golf instruction method based on science and not gimmicks. In 2010 Quinton developed a instructor certification process for those individuals who have studied the RST method and believe in its results. The certification process is difficult and intensive ensuring only the most qualified instructors carry the Rotary Swing certification.
The Science Behind RST
The RST method involves a systemic approach to learning the science behind the Rotary Swing fundamentals which is based on leading research in learning, like that found in Dan Coyle's book, The Talent Code. Rotary Swing utilizes facts, backed by science to create and teach the perfect golf swing. RST safer for your body than any other swing, it's more powerful and consistent because it is built around an understanding of how your body is designed to move. RST brought in the top experts in orthopedic and neurosurgery as well as biomechanics to help develop RST.
Hierarchy of Learning
RST Certified Instructors follow a very specific "Hierarchy of Learning", developed by Rotary Swing experts. This hierarchy is used to help students know how they should work on developing their golf swings and to understand that there is a proper sequence that must be adhered to during the learning process. This makes Rotary Swing perfect for anyone trying to improve, change or newly learn the golf swing. Rotary Swing is especially effective for youth golfers who are just developing their golf swing habits - RST only promotes good habits.

All of our facts tend to center on these three areas: