No equipment sales, we fit your equipment! 
No pressure, just information, period.

Step One
Introduction &


Once you arrive, our fitter will get to know you and begin to identify your club-fitting goals. While you warm up, our fitter will inspect and document your current equipment. This will be the "start" point for any future adjustments.


Your fitter will take a few measurements to get your ideal club length. In addition, your fitter will measure your existing clubs for comparison.
Next, your fitter will check the loft and lie. The loft changes the ball's flight vertically and the lie changes the ball's flight horizontally.

Step Two

Step Three


The last step includes discussing the individualized recommendations for your clubs. Our fitter will not try to sell you any equipment. 
A timeframe for adjustments can be discussed if the recommendations are accepted. You will receive a copy of your individualized recommendations. 


The decision is yours. You can take your custom recommendations and purchase an entirely new set of golf clubs from any retailer, implement the recommendations with your current set of clubs, or do nothing. The choice is yours.

1 Swing Golf can do the recommended adjustments to include any club capable of being adjusted (some drivers and putters may be omitted).

Step Four
You Decide

Are you ready to fit your clubs?

Our fitter will use state of the art technology to create a custom blueprint for you to maximize the performance of your equipment.