Putting Tips for Better Scoring

Armana Christianson hitting a one swing golf chip shot, because chipping is just a smaller version of your larger, full golf swing.
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August 9, 2016
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Putting Tips for Better Scoring

Armana Christianson using the 1 Swing Golf putting tips to improve her short game.

Putting, they call it the great equalizer. The reasoning behind this is, you might not hit it as far, or be as great at the short game as the pros, however any one can learn to putt great! Let’s make it simple – I believe there are only 3 putting tips you need to practice to begin putting like the pros. In no particular order: 1) Putting the ball in a straight line,  2) The speed of the putt, and 3) How too read the putting greens. I will explain each of my putting tips so that you too can putt like the pros!

3 Easy Putting Tips

So let’s start with putting in a straight line. Consider the three most common lengths of putts: 5 ft, 7.5 ft, &10 ft. Start with a flat rug or carpet and a cup 5 ft away and putt 10 balls to the cup. How many putts out of 10 did you make?  The pros make 9 out of 10 from 5 & 7 feet, 7 out of 10 from 7.5 ft and 5 out of 10 at 10 ft.  Try it,  make the area as flat as you can and hit 20 putts from each length a day for one month record your scores. Within 30 days you’ll be putting like a pro! Well, sort of – let’s talk about what your really doing.

Determining the right speed for each putt can be learned. In the back of your brain their is a section that trains your muscles to react to distances. For example, throwing a ball to a friend not so hard that they can’t catch it or too soft that it doesn’t make it to them.  This process is training your brain for distance which takes about 3 to 5 thousand repetitions.  By completing this process you have developed two out of three putting tips.

The third tip is reading the greens. This means putting the ball in a straight line to a point where the slope of the green starts to turn the ball to the hole from each distance. Reading greens doesn’t have to be complicated and I believe you can learn to do this for yourself. Go to a practice putting green and select a hole and step off the three distances (let’s stick with the 3 we have been working with: 5, 7.5 and 10 feet). Put a tee in the green in a straight line to the hole, while facing the hole putt three balls from one tee to the hole. When you have found the highest spot where the ball turns to the hole, and you make the putt – mark it with a tee. Now all you do is putt the ball in a straight line to that mark and let the slope do the rest. Remember, once the ball leaves the face of the putter it’s out of your control.

Choosing an aim point allows you to focus on hitting your putt in a straight line, using the 1 Swing Golf putting tips

Putting like a pro doesn’t have to be a dream or a wish. Conscious and persistent practice is all you need to begin seeing positive results during your rounds. As always my tips are measurable and results based. If you need additional directions or explanation – please text or call me.

Rotary Swing certified golf instructor. Owner of 1 Swing Golf. Jack of all trades. Master of one.

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