Importance of Weight Shift

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Importance of Weight Shift

Weight shift of a golfer.

Weight shift is such a small and subtle thing in the golf swing but so difficult to do right, to create the tempo for a great golf shot. And we are all looking for the great golf shot that we can repeat over and over. So here is my opinion on why weight shift is so important to your golf swing.

Growing up we are taught as small children to stand up straight with our weight evenly distributed between both feet. But then sports and dancing enter the picture and we’re stuck because our weight is centered.  Suddenly we get confused – which foot goes first? This confusion results in indecision, no weight shift thus no tempo .

Watch a good golfer, dancer, baseball, tennis, or hockey player, bowler, etc. the list goes on. What they all have in common is that they rock back and forth, side to side, all in an effort to transfer the weight off center and create tempo for the hit, throw, roll or dance step . Once the tempo is created then the mechanics can begin.

Weight Shift Drill

Try this drill – stand up straight, bend at the waist and stick the butt out.  Proceed to bend your knees lower and press the inside of both feet into the ground.  On the take away, press weight from the inside of the ball of the right foot to the heal. This shift is a total of 1 inch . Then, on the down swing the weight shift is 2 inches to the inside of the ball of the left foot to the left heel. During this drill, the head does not move so your total amount of movement is only 3 inches: 1 to the right & 2 to the left.

This is probably, albeit the smallest, the most difficult thing to master. It has to start from the feet up and if it doesn’t, you end up swinging with your arms and not knowing where the ball is going to go. If you haven’t played another sport where weight transfer is important, then mastering it should be your utmost priority.

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