Golf Lessons – Value Over Cost

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October 18, 2017
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September 28, 2018
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Golf Lessons – Value Over Cost

Where price is concerned everything in life cost and most of us have no problem paying a fair price for a product or service. The question is what is fair?  Some say it’s what the market will bear but just because you pay market price that does not mean it’s worth more or the price you paid. We currently live in the Groupon era, everyone wants a deal or great value,  but what makes a great deal? Are clothes on clearance a great deal, only if they’re your style and size. How about a great deal on a car or house? Same answer, they have to be what you’re looking for.  The same applies to golf instructors and the cost of golf lessons.  That’s the question we will explore.

An education is something that is so valuable that you should buy only if:

  1. You know what you want to learn.
  2. You find a teacher with whom you connect.
  3. The cost is reasonable and equals the value you will receive from it
  4. There is an ample amount of time to learn the subject, thoroughly.

As far as an education goes think about it; you don’t learn algebra before basic math or how to write before you can read. The process is the same, you have to have a good foundation that’s stable before you can grow.

So let’s look a little at how the brain learns. When we humans are introduced to something new, a neuro pathway is created in the brain. When we repeat it exactly, it wraps the pathway with a substance called myelin which is an insulator so it doesn’t disappear. Once it has coated 100 times it stays there, when its coated 7 to 10 thousand times it becomes like second nature. You don’t have to think about it.  As Vince Lombardi famously quoted, “its not practice that makes prefect it perfect practice makes perfect”.

Remember when you choose a golf instructor that learning takes time, money AND saintly patience. Literally, nothing is going to happen in an hour except the beginning of a relationship. Beyond that comes the learning of a solid foundation and hopefully the journey to being a much better golfer. Some people don’t care how they look, and believe me when  I say that I’ve seen some weird looking swings. Golf is hard, it’s like trying to make a mathematical calculating robot out of a human being, while having fun doing it.

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