Thanks for the help in getting me there!

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August 13, 2018
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September 26, 2018
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Thanks for the help in getting me there!


Thought I’d give you some thanks for last week’s work. I tied for first gross in the Senior Club Championship this weekend with one of my low round of the year, a 77 on a 9 handicap. Hit 11 fairways and 12 greens. Only twice in my life since keeping stats have I ever been higher than 12 greens, so that was fun.

Swing was consistent, go up and down 5 of 6 times and had a very clean scorecard. It has been a bit unnerving to be hitting the ball so far lately, but I trusted the numbers and made the swings and the distances were great.

Second day not as good with 7 fairways, 7 greens, more wind, tough pin positions and lots of heat. Most scores were higher the second day, some horrifically so. Couple of my shots were perfect numbers, but misjudged the wind and missed short in bunkers for example. Shot 83 on my 9 handicap and left a few out there.

Lost the first hole of a playoff to garner runner-up status, the second time I have done it in this tournament. Next year I blow them away and take first!

Keep working it,

Tom Basso