The keys to a great golf swing!

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The keys to a great golf swing!

Keys to a great golf swing


Golf is an amazing sport that can be enjoyed with family and friends and if you’re learning the basic elements of the swing firsthand from a qualified engaging instructor, golf can be played for an entire lifetime. I believe there are three key parts to a great golf swing. Similar to building a house, getting an education, or learning to drive,  it all starts with a good foundation. For those who have taken lessons before, the question from the instructor is always the same, what do you want to work on? This question is asked by most instructors but if we knew the answer we probably wouldn’t need instruction. In my view, a good golf swing foundation starts with the grip, set up, and ball position. Even Jack Nicklaus’s coach after a winter break started with these basics. Surely he didn’t ask – what do you want to work on?

Think of the first time you picked up a club? Who taught you how to grip it? Where to place the ball? How to stand?  These questions were probably answered by a number of people: a friend, a family member, a magazine article or a book, or maybe even a golf coach. Most of the time their answers were told to them by someone they new which came from someone the knew. Just like the children’s game “Telephone”, by the time the story goes around the room and then back to you the story has changed, sometimes dramatically! So when someone has you do something you should ask them why ? If there is not a simple and logical explanation run and take your money!

The grip, the only connection with you and the club, the set up and stance, which allows proper rotation in your body to allow for your take away and the backswing, transition from backswing to downswing in to impact and follow through to a world class finish. Those are the very basics and without the very basics ingrained in our minds, the golf swing becomes very unstable.

The game of golf is fun but very difficult. So to make it rewarding and fun you have to have a great basic foundation. A foundation that you can build a game for a lifetime of fun for you, friends and family. You must learn the basics of the golf swing correctly!

Rotary Swing certified golf instructor. Owner of 1 Swing Golf. Jack of all trades. Master of one.

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